16 Feb, 24
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Hardwired vs. Plug-In EV Chargers: The GFCI Saga in Sunny California


Hey there, future-forward Californians! Ready to juice up your shiny electric vehicle (EV)? Great! But before you do, let’s chat about a choice that might seem as perplexing as picking the right avocado at the grocery store: hardwired or plug-in EV chargers. And in the Golden State, this decision gets extra zesty thanks to our buddy, the GFCI breaker.

Meet the GFCI Breaker: Your Electrical Lifeguard

Imagine a GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter) breaker as that vigilant lifeguard at the beach, always on the lookout. This nifty device keeps an eagle eye on your electricity flow. If it spots something fishy, like electricity trying to take an unscheduled swim through you (yikes!), it shuts things down faster than you can say “California roll.” Safety first, folks!

The Charger Face-Off: Hardwired vs. Plug-In

Team Hardwired

  • Installation: Like a trusty fridge, hardwired chargers are installed and ready to chill. They’re part of your home’s electrical lineup, installed by someone who knows their volts from their watts.
  • Reliability: These chargers are as steady as your favorite yoga instructor – consistent and balanced, with no GFCI breaker to stir the pot.

Team Plug-In

  • Installation: Plug-in chargers are the nomads of the charging world. Got a 240V outlet? Plug it in, and voilà! It’s like an electric kettle but for your car.
  • Flexibility: Fancy a change of scenery? You can unplug and replug elsewhere. It’s like an electrical game of musical chairs.
  • GFCI Requirement: Here’s the twist – in California, these chargers need to tango with a GFCI breaker, which can lead to a quirky little dance known as…

Nuisance Tripping: The Electric Tango

Nuisance tripping is like that overzealous party guest who turns off the music at every tiny sound. GFCI breakers, bless their cautious hearts, can mistake the normal hum of your charger for a problem and cut the power, leaving you to wander out in your pajamas to reset it. Not exactly the midnight adventure you had in mind.

Manufacturers’ Two Cents: “Go Hard(wired) or Go Home”

To swerve around this GFCI-induced tango, many charger manufacturers are waving team flags for Team Hardwired. Why? Because these chargers bypass the whole GFCI kerfuffle, offering a smoother charging experience without those unexpected “no-juice” plot twists.


Choosing between hardwired and plug-in chargers in California is like deciding between a burrito or a taco – both are deliciously great, but one might just hit the spot for your specific cravings (and your tolerance for those GFCI-related shenanigans). On one hand, hardwired setups offer the reliability and smooth sailing of a GFCI-free life, while plug-ins come with the bonus of flexibility, albeit with a side dish of potential nuisance tripping.

No matter which path you choose, you’re zooming down the eco-friendly highway in style – just keep your eyes peeled for those pesky electrical speed bumps along the way! And hey, if you find yourself pondering over the charger menu, scratching your head about amperage, or just feeling tangled in GFCI questions, don’t sweat it! EV Electric is here to answer all your burning queries. Think of us as your trusty co-pilots on this electrifying road trip. We’re here to guide, advise, and ensure your charging journey is as smooth as a coastal California drive. So, plug in or hardwire up, amigos – happy charging, and remember, EV Electric is always here to lend a helping hand (or a charging cable)!

16 Jan, 24

Why You Need a Licensed Electrician to Supercharge Your Home!


Hey there, eco-friendly roadsters! Are you ready to bring the electric vehicle (EV) revolution right to your driveway with a shiny new home EV charger? Hold up! Before you dive into the DIY pool or recruit Joe-from-next-door who “knows about wires,” let’s zap through why getting a licensed electrical contractor is the real deal for installing your home EV charger. Safety, quality, and peace of mind? Yes, please!

Safety: No Room for Shocking Surprises!

When it comes to wiring up your EV charger, it’s not the time for a “whoops” moment. Licensed electrical contractors are like the superheroes of safe installations. They’ve battled through rigorous training and certification processes, armed with the know-how to avoid the villainous electrical fires or the sneaky electrocution. Safety first, always!

Quality Work: The Art of Electrifying Excellence

Think of licensed electricians as the master chefs of the electrical world. They follow the recipe for quality to a T, using the crème de la crème of tools and materials. They’re not just installing a charger; they’re ensuring your EV gets the gourmet charging experience it deserves, all while staying up-to-date with the latest tech toppings!

Code Compliance: Dodging the Permit Puzzle

Let’s face it, dealing with permits and codes is about as fun as untangling a bunch of Christmas lights. Licensed electricians are like your personal guide through this bureaucratic labyrinth, handling all the paperwork and inspections. They make sure your charger installation is not just awesome, but also on the up-and-up with local building codes.

Warranty and Insurance: Your Safety Net

Choosing a licensed pro means you’re also picking a path lined with the comfy cushions of liability insurance and workers’ compensation. And, hey, we all love a good warranty, right? These electricians keep those warranties valid and ensure your installation is covered, just in case.

Long-Term Savings: The Gift That Keeps on Giving

Sure, hiring a licensed contractor might feel like a splurge at first, but think of it as an investment in your home’s electric future. Proper installation means saying “see ya!” to future repairs, keeping your charger running efficiently, and even cutting down those energy bills. It’s like planting a money tree in your backyard!


Alright, eco-warriors, while rolling up your sleeves for a DIY project sounds fun, installing a home EV charger is a league of its own. This is a job for the pros – the licensed electrical contractors who bring a bundle of benefits to your EV life. And here’s the electrifying cherry on top: EV Electric is all revved up to make this whole process a breeze for you! We’re fully licensed and insured, rocking a team of pros who are ready to provide a safe, professional, and totally top-notch installation. Plus, we sweeten the deal with a lifetime workmanship warranty on all our installations. So, when you’re ready to power up your EV game with zero worries, just holler at EV Electric. We’re here to amp up your charging experience, ensuring it’s as smooth and reliable as your sleek electric ride!

06 Jan, 24
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Building Permits & EV Chargers: Your Ticket to a Shock-Free Life!


Jumping on the electric vehicle (EV) bandwagon? Awesome! Planning to install an EV charger at home? Even better! But hold your horses (or should we say, electric motors) – let’s talk about something super important but not as flashy: building permits. Yes, they sound about as exciting as watching paint dry, but they’re actually your secret weapon against sneaky electricians and their not-so-sparkling work.

The Shield Against the Shady Sparkies

Building Permits: Your Electrical Guardian Angel

In the wild world of home renovations, building permits are like having a superhero on speed dial. They’re your first line of defense against electricians who might think “cutting corners” is a time-saving technique. By requiring an inspection, these permits ensure that your charger installation doesn’t end up as an electrical “oopsie.”

Keeping It Safe and Sound

Let’s face it, messing with electricity can be like trying to tame a wild lightning bolt. Safety is the name of the game, and building permits make sure your EV charger won’t turn into an indoor fireworks show. They keep your installation in check with local codes and safety standards – because no one wants a surprise zap!

Dodging Legal Curveballs

The Law is Your Friend (Really!)

Think of a building permit as your legal BFF. Going rogue and installing an EV charger without one is like juggling flaming torches – it might look cool, but it’s bound to end badly. If your charger installation goes haywire and you skipped the permit step, you might end up in a tangle with insurance companies and local law enforcers. Not fun.

Keepin’ It Classy (And Valuable)

Real Estate Royalty

Selling your home? Your potential buyers will snoop around, and if they find an EV charger installation that’s more DIY disaster than professional prowess, it could knock some dollars off your property value. Building permits are like a gold star on your home’s report card, showing everything’s above board and boosting your home’s street cred.

The Quality Check

Inspector Gadget to the Rescue

Remember Inspector Gadget? Well, the inspectors in the permit process are kind of like that, minus the extendable arms. They’ll give your charger the once-over, making sure it’s installed perfectly. This means fewer headaches down the road and a charger that runs smoother than a buttered-up robot.


In the electrifying saga of EV charging, getting a building permit might feel like doing a tricky electric slide, but it’s a step you just can’t skip. It’s your shield against the shady, your legal eagle, and your quality control superstar. And hey, we get it – dealing with permits sounds as fun as a flat tire on a road trip.

But fear not! EV Electric is here to make your life easier. We handle the whole permit process for you, ensuring your EV charger installation is as smooth as your electric ride. No fuss, no muss, just a whole lot of expertise and peace of mind. So, let’s amp up your EV experience – we’ve got the permits, the pros, and the power to get you charged up and ready to roll!

01 Jan, 24
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EVs vs. Gas Cars: The Great Savings Showdown!


Hey there, savvy saver! Are you ready to dive into the wallet-friendly world of electric vehicles (EVs)? You’ve probably heard that EVs are like the superheroes of the auto world – sleek, eco-friendly, and, as it turns out, kind to your bank account too! Let’s break down the real deal on how much green (both kinds!) you’ll be saving by going electric, especially when pitted against those gas-guzzling, traditional cars. California, here we come!

Fuel Savings: EVs Are Like Coupon Clippers!

The Contenders: Tesla Model 3 vs. Toyota Camry

Picture this: In one corner, we have the Tesla Model 3, gliding silently like a ninja. And in the other, the trusty Toyota Camry, humming its gasoline tune.

The Mileage Rundown

  • Annual Road Trip: On average, Americans cruise around 13,500 miles a year – that’s like crossing the U.S. about four times!

Efficiency Face-Off

  • Tesla Model 3: Sips electricity at about 4 miles per kWh.
  • Toyota Camry: Gulps gasoline at 28 miles per gallon.

The Price Tag Punch-Out

  • Electricity Rate: Picture about 13 cents per kWh (less than a gumball!).
  • Gasoline Price in California: Ah, California – land of sun, surf, and $5.00 per gallon of gas (ouch!).

And the Annual Fuel Bill Is…

  • Tesla Model 3: Costs a mere $442.50 a year to keep juiced up.
  • Toyota Camry: Sets you back about $2,410.71 – yikes!

Fuel Savings: The Victory Dance

Switching to an EV saves you a whopping $1,968.21 annually on fuel alone. That’s a lot of avocado toasts!

Maintenance Savings: Less Fuss, More Fun!

EVs are like those low-maintenance friends we all love. Fewer parts to worry about means less time at the shop and more time for fun.

The Wallet-Friendly Numbers

  • EV Maintenance: Around $300 per year.
  • Gasoline Car Maintenance: Approximately $1,200 per year – that’s a lot of lattes!

Maintenance Savings: Cha-Ching!

Saving $900 a year on maintenance with an EV? Yes, please!

Total Annual Savings: Drumroll, Please…

When you combine fuel and maintenance savings, going electric can save you a grand total of… $2,868.21 per year! That’s like a mini-vacation, a new gadget splurge, or a whole lot of pizzas.


Switching to an electric vehicle isn’t just a high-five to Mother Nature – it’s like finding a treasure chest for your wallet, too. With the kind of savings EVs offer, they’re not just the cars of the future; they’re like the superhero cars of the present. So, if you’re ready to bid farewell to those sky-high gas and maintenance bills, and welcome in some hefty savings (hello, extra pizza nights!), it might just be your cue to jump onto the EV bandwagon. Vroom vroom, all the way to the bank!

And guess what? When you’re ready to make that electrifying shift, EV Electric is here to smooth out the road for you. Think of us as your friendly neighborhood EV guides. We’re all about easing the transition into the electric lifestyle. From choosing the right charger to handling all the nuts and bolts of installation, we’ve got you covered. Our goal? To make your move to electric as breezy as a Sunday drive. So when you’re set to join the EV party, remember, EV Electric is here to turn that transition into a joyride. Let’s get electric and let’s make it fun! 

21 Dec, 23
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EV Chargers: The Ultimate Guide to Powering Up Your Electric Ride!


Ready to join the electric revolution? Awesome! But before you start zipping around in your silent, eco-friendly chariot, let’s talk about something super important – EV chargers. It’s like finding the perfect pair of shoes for your new outfit; you gotta get it right! In this fun ride of a post, we’re diving into the world of EV chargers. We’ll focus on the cool Level 2 chargers, which are like the Swiss Army knives of home charging.

The World of EV Chargers: From Slow Dancers to Speed Racers

Level 1 Chargers: The Chill-Out Lounge

  • The Basics: Level 1 chargers are the laid-back, easy-going type. They’re cool with any regular 110-120V household outlet.
  • Charge Pace: They take it slow, adding about 3 to 5 miles of range per hour – perfect for overnight charging or if you’re in no rush.

Level 2 Chargers: The Party Starters

  • The Basics: These chargers are the life of the party! They come in two groovy styles: hardwired for a permanent fiesta and plug-in for a movable feast. Hardwired chargers need their own dedicated 240V circuit, while plug-in models are cool with your dryer’s outlet.
  • Charge Pace: They’re the speedy ones, adding about 12 to 80 miles of range per hour, depending on their amperage. They’ll have you back on the road faster than you can say “electric boogaloo!”

DC Fast Chargers (Level 3): The Speed Demons

  • The Basics: These chargers are like the superheroes of the EV world, mostly hanging out in commercial and public spaces.
  • Charge Pace: They’re lightning fast, giving you about 60 to 100 miles of range in a mere 20 minutes – faster than you can finish a coffee!

Cool Features of Level 2 Chargers

  • Power Up!: These chargers come in various amperages, from 16 amps (chill) to 48 amps (thrill). The higher the amperage, the quicker the charge.
  • Smart Stuff: Many have smart features like programmable charging times, Wi-Fi connectivity, and even chats with your home energy system.
  • Safety First: They’re packed with safety goodies like automatic shut-off, ground fault protection, and weatherproofing for outdoor installations.

Choosing Your Charging Champion

The Charging Rate Rundown

Your Level 2 charger’s charge rate depends on its amperage. Here’s the scoop:

  • 16 Amps: About 12 miles of range per hour.
  • 20 Amps: Around 15 miles of range per hour.
  • 30 Amps: Approximately 22 miles of range per hour.
  • 40 Amps: Roughly 30 miles of range per hour.
  • 48 Amps: An impressive 37 miles of range per hour.

Keep in mind, the actual miles per hour can vary depending on your EV’s appetite and the charger’s efficiency.

Picking the Perfect Charger

  • Matchy-Matchy: Make sure the charger and your EV are a perfect pair.
  • Your Driving Style: Consider your daily mileage to pick the right charging speed.
  • Installation Saga: High-amperage chargers are like divas; they need professional installation. Check your home’s electrical setup before rolling out the red carpet.


Picking the right EV charger is like choosing the perfect soundtrack for your road trip – it’s gotta suit your style! Level 2 chargers strike a sweet balance between speed and convenience, making them ideal for home use. With all the options out there, grab the charger that matches your car’s needs and your driving beats. And remember, getting a pro to install it is like hiring a DJ for your party – it ensures everything runs smoothly and safely.

But wait, there’s more! Feeling a bit tangled in the cords of decision-making? No worries! EV Electric is here to light up your path. We’re your go-to pals for all things EV charging. Whether you’re mulling over amperage, contemplating installation, or just lost in the electric sauce, we’ve got the expertise to help you make the perfect choice for your situation. So, let’s amp up your EV game together – with EV Electric, you’re never alone on this electrifying journey! Charge on, EV adventurers!

11 Nov, 23
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Electric Cars vs. Gas Cars: The Epic Battle of Coolness and Cents!


Buckle up, friends! We’re about to zoom into the electrifying world of Electric Vehicles (EVs) and why they’re making gasoline cars look like yesterday’s mashed potatoes. If you’re thinking of joining the EV gang, here’s the lowdown on why it’s like upgrading from a flip phone to the latest smartphone – but for cars!

The Eco-Friendly Superheroes

Clean and Green

EVs are like those friends who always recycle – they just make the world a better place. With zero tailpipe emissions, they glide through the streets like silent eco-warriors, leaving nothing but good vibes (and zero smog) in their wake.

The Wallet Whisperer

Pennies in Your Pocket

Think of EVs as your personal finance gurus. They’re all about saving you some serious cash. Say goodbye to your local gas station attendant because electricity is the new fuel in town, and it’s way cheaper. Plus, charging at home? That’s like having a gas station in your living room – minus the weird snack selection.

The Maintenance Magicians

Low Maintenance, High Vibes

EVs are the low-maintenance besties we all wish we had. With fewer moving parts (no oil changes, yay!), they’re not only quieter than a cat on tiptoe but also rarely demand a pit stop at the mechanic. More time and money for coffee dates!

The Smooth Operators

Smooth as Butter

Driving an EV is smoother than a jazz saxophonist on a Saturday night. With instant torque, you get that “whoosh” feeling every time you hit the pedal – no gears, no delays, just pure, smooth acceleration.

Charging Convenience

Home Sweet Charging Home

Imagine fueling up while you snooze. That’s the magic of home charging. Plus, with public charging spots popping up faster than popcorn kernels, range anxiety is so yesterday.

Tech-Savvy Beauties

Smart Cars for Smart Drivers

EVs are like rolling smartphones. They come packed with the latest tech, touchscreens, and all those goodies that make your nerdy heart sing. And regenerative braking? That’s like magic – slowing down charges your battery. Mind. Blown.


In the red corner, there’s the gasoline car brigade, strutting their stuff like old-school rockers jamming to the classic 80s hits. They’ve got the nostalgia factor down pat. But look over to the blue corner, and behold the future: Electric Vehicles (EVs)! These cool new kids on the block come decked out with eco-credentials, savvy savings skills, and all the latest tech trimmings.

Picking an EV is like betting on the winning horse before the race even starts. You’re not just hopping on a bandwagon; you’re driving it, leading the charge into a future that’s greener, cleaner, and kinder to your wallet. It’s all about cruising down the road in style, without a sound, and leaving nothing but clean air in your wake.

And hey, if the thought of getting all this set up feels more daunting than deciphering a rocket blueprint, fear not! EV Electric is here, ready to be your EV installation wizards. We live and breathe EV chargers – it’s our jam, our peanut butter, and our whole sandwich. From picking the right charger to handling the entire installation process, we do all the heavy lifting. Our sole mission? To make your switch to electric as smooth as a jazz tune. So, if you’re ready to roll into the electrifying future, EV Electric is your backstage pass to the show. Let’s get electric, and let’s do it in style!