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Ready to join the electric revolution? Awesome! But before you start zipping around in your silent, eco-friendly chariot, let’s talk about something super important – EV chargers. It’s like finding the perfect pair of shoes for your new outfit; you gotta get it right! In this fun ride of a post, we’re diving into the world of EV chargers. We’ll focus on the cool Level 2 chargers, which are like the Swiss Army knives of home charging.

The World of EV Chargers: From Slow Dancers to Speed Racers

Level 1 Chargers: The Chill-Out Lounge

  • The Basics: Level 1 chargers are the laid-back, easy-going type. They’re cool with any regular 110-120V household outlet.
  • Charge Pace: They take it slow, adding about 3 to 5 miles of range per hour – perfect for overnight charging or if you’re in no rush.

Level 2 Chargers: The Party Starters

  • The Basics: These chargers are the life of the party! They come in two groovy styles: hardwired for a permanent fiesta and plug-in for a movable feast. Hardwired chargers need their own dedicated 240V circuit, while plug-in models are cool with your dryer’s outlet.
  • Charge Pace: They’re the speedy ones, adding about 12 to 80 miles of range per hour, depending on their amperage. They’ll have you back on the road faster than you can say “electric boogaloo!”

DC Fast Chargers (Level 3): The Speed Demons

  • The Basics: These chargers are like the superheroes of the EV world, mostly hanging out in commercial and public spaces.
  • Charge Pace: They’re lightning fast, giving you about 60 to 100 miles of range in a mere 20 minutes – faster than you can finish a coffee!

Cool Features of Level 2 Chargers

  • Power Up!: These chargers come in various amperages, from 16 amps (chill) to 48 amps (thrill). The higher the amperage, the quicker the charge.
  • Smart Stuff: Many have smart features like programmable charging times, Wi-Fi connectivity, and even chats with your home energy system.
  • Safety First: They’re packed with safety goodies like automatic shut-off, ground fault protection, and weatherproofing for outdoor installations.

Choosing Your Charging Champion

The Charging Rate Rundown

Your Level 2 charger’s charge rate depends on its amperage. Here’s the scoop:

  • 16 Amps: About 12 miles of range per hour.
  • 20 Amps: Around 15 miles of range per hour.
  • 30 Amps: Approximately 22 miles of range per hour.
  • 40 Amps: Roughly 30 miles of range per hour.
  • 48 Amps: An impressive 37 miles of range per hour.

Keep in mind, the actual miles per hour can vary depending on your EV’s appetite and the charger’s efficiency.

Picking the Perfect Charger

  • Matchy-Matchy: Make sure the charger and your EV are a perfect pair.
  • Your Driving Style: Consider your daily mileage to pick the right charging speed.
  • Installation Saga: High-amperage chargers are like divas; they need professional installation. Check your home’s electrical setup before rolling out the red carpet.


Picking the right EV charger is like choosing the perfect soundtrack for your road trip – it’s gotta suit your style! Level 2 chargers strike a sweet balance between speed and convenience, making them ideal for home use. With all the options out there, grab the charger that matches your car’s needs and your driving beats. And remember, getting a pro to install it is like hiring a DJ for your party – it ensures everything runs smoothly and safely.

But wait, there’s more! Feeling a bit tangled in the cords of decision-making? No worries! EV Electric is here to light up your path. We’re your go-to pals for all things EV charging. Whether you’re mulling over amperage, contemplating installation, or just lost in the electric sauce, we’ve got the expertise to help you make the perfect choice for your situation. So, let’s amp up your EV game together – with EV Electric, you’re never alone on this electrifying journey! Charge on, EV adventurers!

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